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Beautiful Architecture

Occasionally we'll meet an architect who says they "design for magazines". To be frank, this scares the bejeezus out of us. It's like hearing a chef say they only "cook for Instagram" – you're getting all the sizzle but none of the steak.

We like to keep architectural drafting in-house. It's all part of the end-to-end Red Door package, and it means you're getting an architect who a) understands your brief, and b) knows how builders think. That's a good thing. It means our projects generally run much smoother – and stay on budget.

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Your One Stop Shop

Sometimes clients will come to us with sexy architectural plans, all ready to roll – and that's fine. Others want to keep everything under the one beautifully gabled roof, and that's cool too.

We've got the best architects in Melbourne on speed dial. You'll actually get to sit down and meet them. We can talk through your options, and how certain architects might work with particular designs, finishes and fittings. It's a collaborative, back-and-forth kind of process, which means we don't need to rope in yet another touch point. (Trust us, that's a big deal.)

It also means we nail the most important thing: your brief.

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Sharp Interior Design

We should clarify a few things here. 'Sharp interior design' doesn't mean turning your kitchen into a Guggenheim exhibit. There's a lot of interior designers out there who get carried away with their Vision (capital V), without asking what the client actually wants. We don't do that.

Our design philosophy starts with you. What are your hopes for this project? In fact, scratch hopes – let's start with dreams. Interior design can be a big investment, and we take that responsibility seriously. You're going to be living in these spaces, making toast in them, snoring in them, raising kids in them, so we get pretty thorough with the research.

Our process starts with an in-depth strategy session, and it ends with you popping champagne in your brand-new space. Between those two points, we've got your back. The ultimate goal? A warm, layered space, unfazed by passing trends. Something that reflects your own personal style.

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Design Packages

Meet you Halfway

Nailing a design style isn't always easy. There's walls of wall tiles to choose from. Acres of flooring. Encyclopedia-sized swatch books. You might have a rough idea of your project's look and feel, but more often than not, it pays to ask those in the know.

Our Meet you Halfway offering takes all your raw ideas, triple-distils them, and pulls everything together into a comprehensive design plan. We'll include a full product selection (along with supplier details) for paint colours, carpet and tiles, window furnishings, tapware, joinery and the kitchen sink. Everything you need for a professional-grade interior finish.

The rest is up to you. Go get 'em, tiger.

The Whole Nine Yards

The big one. Our end-to-end design and documentation package. This covers everything from preliminary fact finding and research to project plans and site visits, 3D sketching, finishes, tendering, styling – the works.

Generally, we can break a job down into four broad stages. The first is reconnaissance: we'll meet and greet, define your goals and assess budgets. Stage two is turning all that raw info into an actionable plan. The third stage is the fun one: designing and building your project. Lastly, we'll ship in the furnishings, style, tweak, polish and buff.

If you prefer the 'hands off' approach, this is the way to go. We handle all the stressful stuff. You sleep like a baby. Deal?

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Solid Construction

Construction is like a good car. People might yearn for flash, but in their heart of hearts, they're pretty happy with substance. Reliability, professionalism, open communication, someone who loses sleep if the joints aren't flush – that's what you want in a builder.

Our team has over 40 years' combined experience spanning dozens of high-end residential projects. We've also got The Little Black Book – a who's who of the city's best chippies, electricians, plumbers, tilers, painters and landscapers. The cream of Melbourne's tradie crop. You can't really Google connections like that.

That's the difference between Red Door and the other guys... We're totally transparent. We'll listen to your feedback. And if obstacles pop up, we'll work through them together.

See? Substance. Wins every time.

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Build it and They Will Come

Our construction process isn't exactly set in concrete. Every project needs a bespoke approach, and there's a zillion factors to consider before we start knocking down walls and blasting Queen.

Here's the important bit: we're what you call 'architectural builders'. That means we see design, construction and architecture as three pieces of the same pie. We recruit the best contractors and tradies in Melbourne, work with leading architects (and our very own Design team), and use sharp design to help the build run smoothly.

It's one of the big reasons we don't have too many projects cooking at once: we're in the quality game, not the quantity game. We measure to the millimetre, double check every joint, vet every contractor and spirit level every surface in sight (up to and including your letterbox).

Want to know how we'd tackle your next big project? Get in touch and let's talk details.

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